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Collaborate with us and join the project so that together we can go even further with actions at the local, national and international level.

Collaborate with us and join the project so that together we can go even further with actions at the local, national and international level.

The main benefit of being a Mover person is belonging to a place where you do not seek your own benefit, but help people and animals as much as possible who do not have the voice or the strength to stand up against injustices.

You will participate in an Annual Project International.

You will participate in solidarity, sustainable and sporting events that we carry out throughout the year.

You will get a Mover Card in which as you carry out solidarity and sustainable actions and projects, you will get points that will generate different benefits in the companies that are part of Moving the Planet.


The ‘Mover Card’ is a virtual card with a personalized QR Code that grants different benefits to members. There is a list of benefits depending on the partner companies.

The higher the level and score of the card move, the greater the benefits.


Per subscription of €8 / month


Per subscription of €12 / month


Per subscription of €20 / month


Per subscription of €30 / month


Per subscription of €50 / month

Thanks to this card, you will get:

Possibility of collaborating in all local and international annual ‘mover’ events.

From the Teide Level, you will have additional benefits. (Depending on the collaboration with each moving company).

We solve your doubts.

Moving the Planet was born in 2017 with the aim of generating positive change on a global level while respecting our environment.

All our actions are based on 3 fundamental pillars, sustainability, solidarity and movement.

For this we have carried out a multitude of initiatives and events of our own. In addition to joining forces with other companies that share our vision.

We help create and amplify solutions and benefits for our planet and its inhabitants; flora, fauna and human beings.

Our idea of ​​a better world consists of a world full of caring people. That they do not move in exchange for nothing, but for the simple satisfaction of the welfare and benefit of others.

We work to generate a movement of awareness, influence and action.

80% of each amount received by subscription as a partner goes directly to the beneficiaries of aid through projects.

The rest goes to the procedures derived from our work, such as personnel expenses, services or bank transfers, among others.

Once the subscription process as a partner is finished, you should receive a confirmation of the transaction in your email.

Please, we ask that if it does not reach your inbox, you also check your inbox for unwanted messages or “spam”. In case nothing reaches you and the charge has been made to your account, please let us know to check that everything is correct.

You can send us a message at info@movingtheplanet.org.

Yes, we will tell you how your collaboration helps to build a better world for people and animals. You can consult our website or social networks to find out about the projects and actions in which we are currently working. Also if you have given consent to receive communications by email, you will receive periodic newsletters with our actions.