Moving Internacional

We believe that solidarity should be understood from different perspectives. International solidarity is the unity and cooperation between individuals, people, states, and international institutions to achieve a better society.

At Moving the Planet we believe that we cannot aspire to a solidarity world:

Moving International is an annual project that seeks to collaborate with an international NGO that shares our values. The aim is to work on a joint challenge that responds to the needs expressed by the organisation.



In 2022 we are collaborating with the Hahatay Association in Senegal in which we will develop an audio-visual project through the exchange of knowledge and actions that will connect both cultures. Through the exchange of knowledge and actions that will connect both cultures, we want to continue strengthening a relationship based on listening and learning.

Our aim is that this partnership becomes long-lasting and that we will contribute to building a more equal and critical society. Moving Senegal is a collaborative project with the Senegalese NGO Hahatay. Hahatay NGO was created as a result of a personal journey that came full circle. In the book 3052 Following a Dream, in which Mamadou Dia the founder of the organisation wrote, he tells the story of his 9-year journey in Spain and his necessary questioning of identity, society and politics after catching a “cayuco” in 2006, which took him to the coast of La Gomera.

Since his return to Senegal, Mamadou has been promoting local development through the  association so that young people do not have to migrate due to the lack of opportunities.

If you need more information:

Moving the Planet in collaboration with the audiovisual production company Kikarazu360 offers Hahatay its audiovisual know-how for the recording of the documentary film directed and written by Sofía M. Privitera, which will capture the reality of the Hahatay project and its environment. The collaboration and participation activities carried out by the Hahatay team and the Moving the Planet volunteers with the local community will also be documented.


Following the philosophy of Moving the Planet, the activities will be based on the three values that define the association:


Thanks to donations from volunteers and project partners, Moving will bring audiovisual production material to the Hahatay project so that they can continue to grow in their media and communication work through their production company FËSS. Kikazaru360is also committed to sharing its expertise in this area with the local community involved in the project.


We will do a clean-up activity in which we will collect plastic waste on the beach and we will give  them a second life. The Hahatay NGO has developed the Defaraatt Project, focused on the reuse of plastic waste, together with them and our volunteers, we want to do our part in raising awareness on the impact that plastic waste has in our ocean and think of possible solutions and alternatives.


Jungle Move is a philosophy of life that aims to combine and maximise the mental and physical benefits that nature, sport, and food can bring to the people who practice it. We want to share this knowledge with Hahatay to continue expanding the importance of movement in our daily lives.